Our Top 5 Spring And Summer Jewelry Trends

Despite the April snow, the warmer months are upon us. Spring and summer are not just about the warm sun and outdoors, they’re about the spring and summer jewelry trends of the seasons.

Winter fashion was all about jackets, now that we will no longer need to be hiding behind layers, more trends can come out to play.

We all know that our accessories are what make or break our outfits. A simple all black outfit can really pop with the help of some accessories.

In an effort to help make you pop this spring and summer, here are 5 of our favourite jewelry trends of the season.

Pretty Little Accessories

Spring and summer are all about downsizing accessories. Fall and winter were all about bulky bracelets, and statement necklaces. As the weather gets warmer, we will see smaller jewelry trending around the fashion district.

This consists of thin bracelets, tiny hoops, and pendent necklaces. Though these accessories are tiny in size, they make a huge impact.

Rose Gold Things

The basic gold and silver options are out the door. Our world has been introduced to rose gold, a colour that’s taking this warm season by storm.

Rose gold is a gold with a rose-pink tint. The colour is unique and stands out, making a huge statement. The best part about rose gold is that you can mix it with silver and gold items for a look that is genuinely yours.

Arm Cuffs

Bracelets are designed to dress up your wrists however, a new trend is breaking through, and it’s all about dressing up your arms.

Arms cuffs are designed to clench on to any part of your arm. The beauty of arm cuffs is that they can also be used to dangle off your wrists to create a timeless, but unique look.

Ear Cuffs

Partnered with arm cuffs are ear cuffs. These earrings provide you with the false look of multiple earrings, even if you don’t have multiple piercings. Channel your inner rock star and get the pierced look.

Multiple Rings

Lots and lots of rings! Everyone is decorating their fingers with multiple rings. Stacking multiple rings on a finger gives a cool look.

Our hands are always moving, dressing the fingers up with rings draws attention and makes the perfect statement.

Are you Ready for the Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends?

We’ll be seeing a lot of statement jewelry this summer. Are you ready?

Our top 5 accessory trends can be tailored to your style. Get the look with trendy pieces combined with your personal taste at Jeff Morrison’s.

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