Bridal Budgets – Dress Excess Vs. Ring Bling

TLC’s famous show “Say Yes to the Dress” features enthusiastic brides-to-be scoping out designer gowns to complete their wedding fantasies, all the while trying to juggle bridal budgets ranging from generous to paltry.

The program showcases New York Bridal salon Kleinfelds, and any enthusiastic viewer knows that the price tags on their designer gowns are generally ample. In fact, the average spend for brides at Kleinfelds is upwards of $4500.

Kleinfelds is coming to Toronto; they have forged a partnership with The Bay and their salon will be opening at the department store’s downtown location.

Needless to say, the fans are going wild.

The Truth About Bridal Budgets

This development got me thinking about the logic behind a wedding gown spend, especially when bridal budgets are stretched.

Brides spend thousands of dollars on wedding dresses that they wear for just one day. And then they go ahead and spend more to have the dress cleaned, pressed and stored.

On the other hand, brides spend an average of just $1200 on a wedding band – an item that they will likely wear (and cherish) for the rest of their lives.

It seems like nonsense, if you ask me.

An Argument in Favor of Ring Bling

From my point of view, and with often times challenged bridal budgets in mind, I would urge the bride to consider allocating a proportionately higher amount of spend to an item that she is going to enjoy on a daily basis.

Her wedding band.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you forego a beautiful wedding gown. But I am suggesting that as you allocate funds towards your bridal budgets, you consider the usability and practicality of the item being purchased.

A wedding gown is important. And has enormous sentimental value. And can potentially be passed down to a daughter or granddaughter. But all of those things hold true for a wedding band. And, the wedding band will be a permanent fixture on your finger for the rest of your life.

Surely it deserves at least as much attention as the gown?

Your turn

So, if you are planning a visit to Kleinfelds, before you Say Yes to the Dress, make sure you have established bridal budgets and you are comfortable with what you have set aside for both dress excess and ring bling.

Did you spend more on your wedding dress or your wedding band? Are you going to visit the Kleinfelds salon at The Bay?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to tweet and like this post if you found it interesting.

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